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CONTACT METHOD: Your preferred method of contact.
THREAD-JACKING: Would you prefer that people avoided tagging other people on your journal or do you welcome it?
FOURTH WALLING / CANON PUNCTURE: Is it okay for another character to recognize yours as fictional? Is it okay for yours to be recognized as an actor? Is it okay for your character be informed of future events by canonmates that come from later canon points?
BACKTAGGING: Are you okay with late tags?
AVOIDED TOPICS: If there is any type of plot you would rather not have your characters involved in because it makes you uncomfortable or you don't enjoy the subject matter, bring it up here.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Noticeable physical characteristics of your character. Including scent and manner of speech for those that would notice these things is encouraged, as is how they might dress on the Barge.
DEMEANOR: A short description of how your character behaves.
ABILITIES: Talents or physical strengths/powers.
MEDICAL INFORMATION: Medical information on your character that would be useful for the infirmary.
OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS: Subjects that your character might find offensive.

MENTAL: Can another character use mental abilities on your character? Including mind-control, clairvoyance, telepathy, empathy, or dream manipulation / intrusion.
MIMICRY: Can another character imitate your character in physical appearance and/or voice?
VIOLENCE: Can another character provoke a physical fight with your character?
MAGIC: Can another character use magic on your character?
DEBATE: Can another character pursue yours for a debate.
OTHER / NOTES: Any other notes about what you would prefer to happen or prefer to avoid with your character.

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